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I am Dr. Petri Kannisto, a Finnish developer and researcher of industrial systems and software. This far, I have worked in various research projects, each related to systems integration, system architectures and software development. I think that good architecture design aims at decoupling, that is, reducing the number of direct point-to-point connections between systems, although such ad hoc spaghetti is the common way to go in industry. Of technologies, I have experience especially in C#/.NET, Java, JavaScript, XML, web services, AMQP (Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) and OPC UA. My strength is that I have the ability to understand both enterprise-level and software-level factors. Communication (people-to-people) is another skill I have developed, as researchers should truly interact well to be successful.

In this website, you will find my contact information, scientific publications as well as some content related to the interests of my earlier life.


This page contains contact information.


This page lists the scientific publications that I have authored.

Legacy Content

This page contains some games and software from the older generations of this website, including "petri.tk" and "kann1sto.com".